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Our Story

Welcome to “Corylee,” a music blog that stands at the intersection of passion and nostalgia. Our journey is a tribute to the enduring magic of music, as shared by one extraordinary musician who embraced retirement as an encore rather than a final curtain call.

Our founder, Cory Lee, is the heart and soul of this blog. A seasoned musician who once graced international stages and echoed through the hearts of thousands, Cory Lee decided to step away from the spotlight, not because his love for music waned, but because he longed for a different rhythm in life.

Cory Lee’s life story is a symphony of experiences, emotions, and encounters that resonated through the chords of his guitar and the verses of his songs. His decision to retire from the stage and channel his immense passion for music into the written word gave birth to “Corylee.”

Here at “Corylee,” we invite you to delve into the musically enriched life of Cory Lee. Through his words, you’ll explore the highs and lows of a life lived in harmony with melodies, the stories behind the songs that made his heart sing, and the camaraderie of fellow musicians he met on his journey.



Our blog is a celebration of music’s everlasting influence on our lives, a testament to its power to connect us, inspire us, and evoke emotions that resonate deeply. You’ll find a wealth of content that ranges from in-depth analyses of timeless classics to heartfelt narratives of the trials and triumphs of a musician’s life.

Beyond the stories, “Corylee” is a place where music enthusiasts like you can connect, share your thoughts, and explore the captivating world of music. We’re not just a blog; we’re a community where your love for music finds a home.

So, join us on this melodious journey as we revisit the heartwarming past and embrace the future of music, all through the eyes and ears of Cory Lee. “Corylee” is not just a blog—it’s an ode to the timeless beauty of music, an encore of the soulful notes that have accompanied us through the years. Thank you for being part of our harmonic symphony.